Strange Attractions
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Our Films
Mana -- beyond belief (feature-length essay on objects with power, now in post-production)
Death By Design (73 min. essay on contemporary biology and the interdependency of life and death)
The Life and Times of Life and Times (59 min. doc. on research into aging and the biology of time)
Silverlake Life (99 min. video diary widely considered among the most important films on aids)
The Big Picture (14 min. minimalist poem on the struggle between cosmic consciousness&. the banality of daily life)
Fighting in Southwest Louisiana (27 min. portrait of a gay and HIV-positive rural mailman)
I Talk to Animals (54 min. portrait of a pet psychic)
There are No Direct Flights from New York to Marseille (49 min., subjective portrait of Mediterranean gay life)
Wizard of the Strings (27 min. Oscar-nominated portrait of Vaudeville-era musician Roy Smeck)