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Born in Mar del Plata, Argentina (1972) Mon Ross began cinema studies in Buenos Aires: first, in Film Direction (CIEVYC ) then, taking on two specializations 1) Lighting & Camera at SICA - National Cinema Union) and, 2) Film Editing at ENERC - National Cinema School/ INCAA - National Cinema Institute. In 2015, she obtained her Master in Cinematography in Barcelona, Spain. In both Cinema and Advertising, she worked as camera assistant, film editor, and post-production coordinator since 2000.

In 2010, Mon moved to Europe where she made around 30 shorts in fiction and documentary. Based in Paris, in 2015, she directed two commissioned documentaries: The first, “Feliciano Centurión / Abrazo íntimo al natural” (2016) is the story of a young Paraguayan artist who developed his career and personal life in Buenos Aires during the '90s. This film first premiered at Museo de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires and then was screened worldwide in artistic venues such as La Maison d’Amerique Latine in Paris and the American Society / Visual Arts of New York, MALBA Museum in Buenos Aires or Cecilia Brunson's Gallery in London. In 2017, she finished her second commissioned documentary, “La vérité ne suffit pas” about international justice and human rights, which was selected in five Human Rights’ Festivals.
In the meantime, she shot her first fiction feature film in Lithuania, "Big Speakers" in post-production.  Currently, she's developing her third documentary feature "Mon ciel est rouge"about her German uncle, the artist Otto Freundlich who, as a communist and a Jew, was imprisoned at Drancy, a detention camp created by the Vichy government during the Second World War that was located in the suburbs of Paris.

In addition as Producer Mon co-produced the documentary feature, Yvonne, by Marina RUBINO premiered at Festival International de Cine Latinoamericano de la Habana, Cuba and selected and awarded in latin-american film festivals.

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