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Samantha is an "animal therapist and psychic" who has convinced skeptical pet owners, zoo keepers, and race horse trainers that she really can "talk" to their animals. Here we see her at work counselling race horses in need of leisure time, "depressed "cats, and negotiating with naughty ants. And we hear from owners and trainers who describe how their animals' behavior changed following Samantha's sessions, and how she told them things about the animals that she "could not have known"--unless the animals told her themselves. 


Linda Dubler, Curator of Film at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia, USA wrote: "Witty and understated, Peter Friedman's I TALK TO ANIMALS hardly seems the sort of documentary one would call subversive. . . but if we accept the essence of Friedman's work, it's not merely subversive but revolutionary, for it tests the very foundations of our experience of consciousness and our relationship with the natural world.” 


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Public performance streaming licenses for schools and Libraries worldwide are available at  @Docuseek

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