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A film by Peter Friedman & Jean-François Brunet

Commissioned by ARTE-France 

in association with the BBC

Featuring Elizabeth Blackburn, Judith Campisi,

Leonard Hayflick, Cynthia Kenyon, Alain Prochaintz,

Michael Rose, and François Schachter

LIFE & TIMES - Cell with clocks.jpg

The life of any one individual is of no importance to nature. That is why we age.

Now, scientists are beginning to manipulate the aging process by altering genes which determine how long we live.

As Judy Campisi of Berkeley lab, California puts it "For the first time, there's a real hope of changing what we are, and what our genes tell us we must do."

watch the film here


How to Buy:

Schools and libraries can purchase public performance licenses by contacting @Docuseek

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