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Assistant Director/Co-editor Florence Fradelizi
Commissioned by Christoph Jorg for ARTE-France
Produced by Philip Brooks and Laurent Bocahut
A Production of Dominant 7, Paris

49 minutes

Written and Directed by Peter Friedman

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 17.23.53.png

To the filmmaker, a New Yorker, Marseille seems like a terrible place to be gay. But from the inside, things aren't so simple. This poetic portrait of an exotic city, combines personal diary footage and portraits of local activists.


Screened at:

  • The Jerusalem International Film Festival

  • The Rotterdam International Film Festival

  • The Paris Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

  • Independent's Night at the Walter Reade Theatre, New York City

  • The Black Maria Film Festival (New Jersey)


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