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At last! Silverlake Life is available on DVD!

This dvd includes an important addition to the film Silverlake Life: An epilogue.

Filmed at the time of the original film, the epilogue picks up where that story leaves off: in the final months of Mark's life and the aftermath of his death. The footage, shot by Elaine Mayes, has never before been released or shown in public. Yet it is every bit as compelling, disturbing, poignant, and worthy of being seen as the original film. It answers the two questions asked most frequently by Silverlake Life's audiences:

What happened to Mark after Tom died?


How did Silverlake Life get made?

The epilogue runs about 15 minutes, and is combined with new footage* of filmmakers Peter Friedman and Elaine Mayes discussing the making of Silverlake Life.

How to Buy

To purchase the Silverlake Life dvd (for shipping to US addresses only) go to or call 1-800-314-8822

For all other inquiries contact

*The new footage was shot for the dvd release by Parvez Sharma, director of a very important upcoming documentary on homosexuality and Islam, In the Name of Allah.

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